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Our Product

  • The product features double sided bins for disposal of Cigarette and Gum litter and double-sided advertising space.
  • The unique and attractive bin clamps around street light poles and traffic light poles offering convenient points of disposal, in full view of the thousands of daily commuters in the city, for cigarette and gum litter.
  • The design was meant to make the bins blend easily into the different environments, yet very immediate on the eye.
  • The cigarette and gum bins are made from 30% recycled plastic, helping further the green initiative. This also makes it less venerable to thieves as the scrap value will below.
  • The cigarette and gum bin is smartly designed and constructed to discourage vandalism and theft.
  • Security is an important consideration, with fixings and a lockable door developed to discourage tampering.
  • The outer casing will be made from virgin and recycled weather resistant plastic, making it a cigarette and gum bin built to last longer.
  • The actual inner bin, where litter will be deposited, is made from virgin fire-proof plastic.
  • This is SABS tested and approved.
  • The mouth of the bin is fitted with a tongue shaped piece of stainless steel with a dual purpose.
  • One for pinching of the cigarette butts before disposal
  • The other, is to create a smaller space on the bin mouth, making it difficult to deposit other larger litter.