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Clean Street


Advertise your Brand in the City

  • Clean Street was formally founded to offer mass exposure for advertising products and services and at the same time be effective and low cost.
  • Cover the City with your Brand.


Enviromentally Friendly

  • Keeps the city clean from its number one street litter.
  • It’s a sustainable approach for the economic development in the city, as it creates jobs.
  • With the indoor smoking bans, people are forced to go outside to smoke, and there isn't enough waste receptacles for smokers to safely dispose of the cigarette butts.
  • Cigarette litter will be recycled.

Clean Street Advertising


  • Clean Street's mission is to contribute towards creating a clean and green environment and at the same time offer a remarkably innovative and effective advertising tool that will guarantee mass exposure for products and services and enable it to capture a significant market share of South African outdoor advertising and to become a market leader in its area of competition backed by outstanding service, continually exceeding customer expectations.


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